about us history


1994 ETA-AI registered the business;

1996 First MARCAT automation system for PT25 thermal substation owned by R.A. Calor, the district heating in Timisoara;

1998 ETA-AI signed the contract with R.A. Calot Timisoara for 35 MARCAT automation systems;

1999 Over 100 MARCAT automation systems for district heating are installed in six cities: Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Deva, Alba Iulia, Sannicolau Mare. The company won the public tender organized by R.A. Termoficare Cluj-Napoca for the automation of 16 thermal plants;

2000 ETA-AI wins the tender for installing MARCAT automation system in 25 thermal substation owned by RA Termomficare Cluj-Napoca;

2001 The first control room is set  for RA Calor Timisoara (data from 100 thermal substation is sent over the Internet);

2001 ETA-AI signes a new contract with R.A. Calor Timisoara for dispatching 23 thermal substations. Data communication is set over GSM network;
2001 A new project is carried out between R.A. Calor Timisoara and ETA-AI for remote reading of Kamstrup Multical M-bus heat meters. The data gathered from the meters is available at www.termoficare.ro;

2002 ETA-AI launches the concept of SaaS (software-as-a-service) with its webMarcat solution available on www.termoficare.ro;

2002 webMARCAT is used by Calor Timisoara, Apaterm Oradea, Arterm Arad and Termoficare 2000 Pitesti;

2002 Intestment Found E.I.P. (Environmental Investment Partners – financed by EBRD) is discussing with ETA-AI for acquisition of a company's stock;

2002 ETA-AI signed a representation agreement with Federal Warning System (www.federalwarningsystems.com) - the world leader in the field of Public Warning Systems using high power sirens;

2002 ETA-AI is the exclusive partner in Romania of eyevis GmbH from Germany - manufacturer of rear projection cubes (DLP technology) for large videowalls;

2002 ETA-AI won the tender to implement a SCADA system in for 8 thermal substation owned by RA Termoficare Cluj-Napoca;

2002 ETA-AI  won the tender organized by SC Hidroelectrica SA SH Targu Jiu for a SCADA solution and a videowall for the control room;

2003 ETA obtains the quality certification according to EN ISO 9001:2000 standard;

2003 ETA-AI becomes a parter of Iconics Inc. from USA for SCADA/HMI Genesis32 application;

2003 ETA-AI won the tender organized by SC Electrocentrale Deva SA Mintia for implementing a SCADA & AMR solution;

2003 ETA-AI won the tender organized by SC Electrica Banat SA for remote controlling of reclosers. GSM/GPRS is used for communication with the control room. Genesis32 from Iconics is used as SCADA application. Another contract is signed for setting a 3x2 DLP cubes videowall destinated to the control room;

2003 ETA-AI signed a contract with SC Hidroelectrica SA Caransebes for implementing a water level monitoring solution at Maru & Herculane dams;

2003 Together with Eta-2u, ETA-AI acquires the control stocks of Infotim SA;

2004 ET-AI runs a project with local public transport company in Timisoara for an AVL solution. On board units communicates with the servers using GSM/GPRS service;

2004 ETA-AI implements for SC Termoelectrica SA Isalnita a SCADA solution (Genesis32 from Iconics) for monitoring the process parameters;

2004 Colterm SA selected ETA-AI to implement the Genesis32 SCADA/HMI application for monitoring over 500 process parameters;

2004 ETA-AI signed a contract with Petromservice for implementing Genesis32 SCADA/HMI application to a drying gas station in Carani, Timis county;

2005 Starts a long term collaboration for implementation of BMS systems for Kaufland supermarket chain. Over time the contract is extended up to 25 locations and the logistic center in Ploiesti;

2006 WebReporter application is launched, the core of the new AVL solution designed by ETA-AI;

2007 BMS systems for Kaufland are on the pipeline, the MARCAT district heating automation system is refurbished for RA Termoficare Cluj-Napoca;

2008 ETA-AI develops a SCADA system to monitor the parameters of drinking water distribution system in Timisoara - client SC Aquatim SA;

2009 ISO 27001 certification for information security management is obtained. 8000 AVL systems are sold, the first international clients arrive;

2009 An important contract is signed for an AMR solution in Bucharest. Over 1000 water and power meters are read.

2009 ETA-AI wins a public tender for delivering 500 AVL systems for Apanova SA Bucharest. Further important business is done with ENEL (GSM communication units) and Peacekeeping Forces in conflict zones (fleet management solution).

20010 Opening a sales office in Italy, Ancona.